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One of the first questions a merchant will ask is, "What's your rate?"

“Rate” can be misleading since your total cost per transaction includes other less visible factors - Qualified Rate, Mid-Qualified, Non-Qualified, Rewards, Commercial Cards, Surcharges, Transactions Fees, Batch Fees, and Statement Fees.

Don’t let processors lure you with low processing fees, when your actual invoices will contain the surprise of Surcharges. The Rate you are quoted only pertains to consumer cards, or check and debit cards.  Surcharges of 1.5% or more are applied to Rewards, Commercial, Business, Purchasing, Signature and keyed transactions.  

Test your current statement:

Use our Effective Rate Tool on the right side of the page and find out your true rate!

The result is your true rate or overall effective rate. It includes all amounts you pay to Visa and MasterCard (interchange rates), as well as your Processor’s fees.

How can you assess if you could be more profitable with Revolution Payment Systems?

  • You only have one "qualified" rate
  • You are paying the same rate for Visa and MasterCard
  • You see "Mid" and "Non-Qualified" Rates on your statement
  • You signed a "Lease" for credit card terminal or software

Having more knowledge about what determines your discount rates and the fees that impact your bottom line will help you make an informed decision when selecting a credit card processing provider.

Revolution Payment Systems will increase your profits and productivity by providing you the best service, equipment, software, terms and overall solutions available in the payments industry.  Our global system will satisfy all your business’ financial transaction needs to any level of complexity you may require.

"What's your effective rate?"

Calculate your "true rate" by entering the information below. Include Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Exclude American Express.


The result is your true rate or overall effective rate. It includes all amounts you pay to Visa, MasterCard and Discover (interchange rates), as well as your Processor's fees.

Is your true rate higher than you anticipated? If so, your profits are affected. Call Revolution Payment Systems at 1-888-790-3450, and let us show you how you can reduce those fees.

Scoreboard Report:

Revolution provides you a very powerful and free tool to track your key business metrics and trends. For up to 36 months of volume, you get a clear view of payment types average purchases and number of transactions.

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