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Level 3 Solutions

Challenging economic climates force companies to continually seek new efficiencies and to explore new cost cutting methods that will improve the bottom line. Improving your Accounts Payable (AP) process has become increasingly important in an era of tightening credit where adequate cash flow and greater control over company payables are critical in sustaining business operations and maintaining liquidity.

Commercial Credit Cards are being used to replace costly and inefficient paper-based processes. The benefits of accepting these cards include improved payment time from 30-60 days to next day with Revolution Payment Systems next day funding option. With Revolution Payment Systems you no longer have to worry about floating funds or costly collection expenses.

Setting up your business to accept commercial, business and government payments is very different from establishing a retail/MOTO account.

Complexity in how rates are determined can have a great impact on your bottom line. Using a merchant service provider with limited experience in setting up B2B & B2G merchant accounts, means that you will not receive the incentive rates.  Many factors impact the accuracy of processing the correct codes and ultimately qualifying your company for the best rates, making it imperative that you work with Revolution, a seasoned B2B & B2G specialist.

If any of your customers include: Government Agencies; other Corporations; Universities or similar Organizations, you are a perfect candidate for Revolution’s “Level-3 Processing System.”

Card Knowledge Level-3 Purchase Card Data

Level 1

card data is typically associated with consumer transactions and provides limited purchase data back to the cardholder.

Level 2

data adds more information to benefit the corporate/government/industrial buyer, but the number of fields is limited because of the restricted data capture capabilities provided by most hardware-based Point Of Sales (POS) terminals.

Level 3

(also known as Level III) line item detail, is equivalent to the information found on an itemized invoice..

Comparative Example*

Merchant Name

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Transaction Amount (Total)


Tax Amount


Customer Code (30 Char)


Merchant Postal Code


Tax Identification


Merchant Minority Code


Merchant State Code


Ship from Postal Code



Destination Postal Code



Invoice Number



Order Number



Item Product Code



Item Commodity Code



Item Description



Item Quantity



Item Unit of Measure



Item Extended Amount



Freight Amount



Duty Amount



(*)This table is provided only for illustrative purposes and should not be construed as a listing of all the possible fields associated with each data level or that every processor will support all the possible data elements.

Corporate purchasing card transaction payments are priced differently from consumer credit card transactions. The key to obtaining the best rates for these transactions is to include line item detail or ”Level-3” information. Level-3 information details the items purchased such as Item Part Number, Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price and more. Level-3 transactions carry lower interchange rates because these cards are used in a B2B or B2G situations, and the volumes attributed to fraud, chargebacks, etc, are less and the costs are lower. In addition, the merchant is incented to provide the increased data to support industrial buyers and improve their card accounting.

Revolution’s Payment Gateway offers multiple ways to process and manage Purchase Cards and Credit Cards. And while Revolution Payment Systems is the established leader in processing Level-3 data, our flexible payment gateway also processes Level-2 and Level-1 transaction data.

Revolution Payment Systems is recognized as a leading authority when it comes to Level III Processing

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To set up a demo or to see how Level-3 processing can reduce your monthly processing expenses call 1-888-790-3450 Solutions that Pay

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The result is your true rate or overall effective rate. It includes all amounts you pay to Visa, MasterCard and Discover (interchange rates), as well as your Processor's fees.

Is your true rate higher than you anticipated? If so, your profits are affected. Call Revolution Payment Systems at 1-888-790-3450, and let us show you how you can reduce those fees.

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Revolution provides you a very powerful and free tool to track your key business metrics and trends. For up to 36 months of volume, you get a clear view of payment types average purchases and number of transactions.

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