ACH and Check Acceptance Solutions

Get Faster Access to your Funds, Reduce your Cost and Minimize Risk.

If you’re like most businesses, accepting checks is a necessary but burdensome part of your business.

With Revolution Payments Electronic check conversion and ACH solutions you can offer your customers the ability to pay in more ways while reducing the risk and costs associated with accepting checks.


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Features & Benefits

Electronic check conversion and ACH converts all paper checks, business and consumer into an efficient electronic transaction

Making accepting checks convenient and cost effective.  No more trips to the banks, manual reconditions, and frustrating collections.


Reduced Costs

Reduce Costs, Electronic check conversion time, labor, and paperwork and returned items associated with paper checks.

Improved Reporting

Payment activity is available in real time reports

Minimize Risk

Electronic check conversion reduces the cost and risk associated with returned checks.  NSF (non-sufficient) funds will automatically be resubmitted electronically (two times)

Faster Access to funds

Checks are converted electronically and typically available within 24-48 hours

Single Depository Account

Funds are deposited into a specified account eliminating the need for multi bank relationships

Online Bill Payments via ACH

key components

Electronic Check Conversion -- convert checks to electronically to streamline processing

Checks by Phone -- allows customers to securely make payments over the phone from their checking accounts

Recurring payments — set up your customer's pre-arranged recurring payments from their checking account

Internet Check Acceptance -- expand your business and maximize online sales

Lockbox Pro21® -- electronic authorization and settlement of all types of checks

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