How Level 3 Processing Saves You Money

To fully grasp how level 3 processing reduces your processing costs you first need to understand that the bulk of fees you’re paying  to accept credit card goes directly back to the card issuing bank. This is called Interchange.

Believe it or not, Visa/MasterCard and your processor receive no revenue from interchange.  If you’ve ever wondered how banks can offer zero % interest and still make money when you pay your bill off early each month, it’s because the card issues are making the bulk of the fees you’re paying to accept credit cards.

Commercial Cards

Commercial cards have tiered interchange rates and broken into three levels. Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3.  These levels vary depending on the additional information entered with the transaction.

Level 3 detail includes information such as: PO#, Invoice, description of the product and more. When this information is entered, the transaction qualifies at different interchange codes and can reduce cost by as much as 1%-1.5%. This happens on an interchange level and before processors add their markup.


Sell to Other Businesses or Government?

If you sell to other businesses or government its worth your time to consult with a level 3 processing consultant. Level 3 could substantially reduce your processing expenses saving you thousands monthly or annually.

Revolution Payments makes it easy to qualify for Level 3 interchange rates without changing the way you do business.

Call 888 790 3450 to set up an appointment with one of our level 3 processing experts.


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