Level 3 Processing and GSA

Level 3 Processing and GSA

If you sell to the government sending Level 3 line item detail with your credit card transactions could save you up to 40%.

In fact Not processing Level-3 and your giving losing up to .85 basis points. This can be much higher if you see Non-Qualified on your statement.  This means that 100% of your commercial and business transactions are downgrading.

Level 3 requires additional work but the savings can be quite significant. You also want to make sure and work with an experienced merchant service provider so you receive 100% of the discounts for Level 3 transactions.

Sending Level-3 Data may also help you gain more business  from the government as Level 3 is in High Demand from government buyers. GSA has not mandated level 3 but it is a requirement to bid on certain contracts.

If you sell to the government or other business and NOT processing Level 3 give one of our consultants a call to learn how this will improve your business and reduce your expenses.  888 790 3450  [email protected]

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