NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing

Revolution Payments NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing Solution.  Streamline payments and reduce the interchange cost of accepting commercial cards by up to 43% with

Integrating credit card processing activities into an accounting system saves time, improves work-flow, streamlines payments, improves visibility and reduces double entry. This solution  operates effectively within NetSuite.

Key features of the Revolution Payment’s NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing integration:

  • Automatically Captures Level III Detail to get the lowest costs on commercial and purchase cards
  • Marks invoices as “PAID” when transaction is approved
  • Stores customer profiles and card information off-site, on a PCI compliant server
  • Compatible with all the latest NetSuite versions
  • Automatically Posts payments  in Accounts Receivable (A/R) and the General Ledger (G/L)
  • Compatible with all the latest desktop versions of NetSuite

Run transactions at any (or all) of these stages:

  • Record Customer Deposits (from the Customers Menu)
  • Issue Customer Refunds (from the Customers Menu)
  • Issue Credit Memos (from the Customers Menu)
  • Accept Customer Payments (from the Customers Menu)
  • Enter Cash Sales (from the Transactions Menu)
  • Refund Cash Sales (from the Customers Menu)
  • Enter Sales Orders (from the Transactions Menu)

The Level III Payment Solution

Revolution Payments & Level III Processing with NetSuite can reduce the “interchange” cost of accepting commercial cards, i.e., commercial, purchase, fleet, government and business cards, by 30%-40%. Increase your profit margins without having to increase your sales volume.

The Revolution Payments NetSuite module automatically detects whether a level II/III eligible transaction is accepted. And when it is, it automatically updates and attaches level III detail, lowering business “interchange” costs before the transaction ever reaches a processor. No manually entry required!

If you have questions or interested in learning more about Revolution Payments  NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing or would like a no obligation review and analysis or demo,  you  should contact Sean Jones at info


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