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Your Data, Your Rights: Transparent and Secure Handling of Your Information

Privacy Policy Changes – If our privacy policy is modified, we will attempt to notify our merchants of these changes via email, U.S. mail or via telephone. Merchants will continue to have a choice as to whether or not they allow us to use their information in this different manner.

Updating Merchant Information – Should merchants need to update any information they have previously supplied, they may contact Revolution Payment Systems Customer Service at 888-790-3450 at anytime.

Security – The Revolution Payment Systems website has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the sensitive information under its control. All personal and account activity information collected on and used by the website and other supported merchant service web sites are not accessible by the public or via the Internet. All accesses to our databases wherein personal information are kept are logged for security purposes and access is limited to key personneAt Revolution Payment Systems we are aware that the trust of our merchants is one of our most important assets. Our primary goal is to deliver payment products and superior service while ensuring the integrity of our merchants’ privacy. The following outlines some of the steps that we take on a daily basis to ensure that information is secure, private, and used only in a manner consistent with our merchants’ wishes. This privacy policy extends to all merchant services managed by Revolution Payment Systems.

Safeguards Taken – We will safeguard, according to our standards of security and confidentiality, any and all information our merchants share with us. Revolution Payment Systems uses advanced security processes and technology designed to keep your information secure. In particular, we have strict policies regarding information that is used by our employees and partners to ensure your information is kept secure.

Data Collected – We collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources: (i) Information we receive from you on applications or other forms, (ii) Information about your transactions with us, or others such as your transaction history, parties to transactions, and (iii) Information we received from third parties, such as the processor.

Access To Information – We will permit only authorized employees, who are properly trained in the appropriate handling of sensitive merchant information, to have access to that information, and only if required by their business responsibilities. Employees who violate our Privacy Policy are subject to our disciplinary process, up to and including termination.

Disclosure – We may disclose aggregate information about our merchants and former merchants to third parties with whom we may have marketing agreements, or those companies who perform marketing services on our behalf. This includes all information we may collect directly or indirectly from you.

Release of Information – Except as outlined in this Privacy Policy, we limit the release of merchant information. We release information only with the merchant's consent or request, or when we are required to do so by law or other regulatory authority. When a court order or subpoena requires us to release merchant information, we notify the merchant promptly in order to provide the merchant with the opportunity to exercise their legal rights. The only exception to this policy is when we are prohibited from notifying the merchant by law or due to a court order, or in cases in which fraud, money laundering and/or criminal or illegal activity is suspected.

Response and Explanation – We quickly respond to our merchant's requests for explanation. In the event that we deny service, and to the extent permitted by applicable laws, we will provide a prompt and detailed explanation if requested.

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