Reduce your monthly processing Fees with a B2B & B2G Merchant Account

A B2B & B2G Merchant Account Can Lower The Cost of Accepting Commercial Cards by 40%

Level 3 Interchange Rates

  • 1.75% MasterCard
  • 1.85% Visa
  • .40%-1.58% transactions over $5800

Commercial Cards

Commercial, business, purchasing, corporate & government cards
processed without level-2 and or level-3 qualify at different
interchange codes between .50%-1.5% higher.

The Bulk of the fees businesses pay

75%-80% of the fees businesses pay to accept credit cards goes
back to the card issuing bank, NOT processors. This is referred to as interchange and the same regardless of the processor you choose.

Commercial cards have tiered interchange rates, level-2 & 3 lowers
(interchange)by 30%-40%.

This happens regardless of the processor and before they add their markup.

You may very well have a great rate from your bank or processor
and  probably receive dozens of calls from processors
all promising to lower your rate however, If your not set up (properly) to process level 2 and level 3 your losing a big chunk of revenue you cannot get as a result of a processor lowering your rate.

Revolution Payments  created unique technology that automates interchange rate
qualification by automatically sending level-2 and level-3 detail
on your behalf across all payment channels- swipe, mobile, key
entered, online, etc.

This helps you qualify even on transactions that would be virtually impossible.

To speak with one of our expert payment professionals or receive a no obligation Level 3 analysis .

Give us a call at 888 790 3450.

Why pay more than you have to?

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