“What’s your rate”

This is one of the first questions merchants often ask me during a conversation.

Rate is important but keep this in mind, 75%-90% of the fees you pay don’t even go to your processor, they actually go back to the bank that issued the credit card.  This is referred to as interchange, interchange is the same regardless of the processor you choose.


Level 3 Processing allows companies accepting  credit cards from other businesses & government have the ability to capture a large chunk of interchange revenue that will otherwise continue going back to the card issuers-not your processor.


Business and government transactions fall into 1 of 3 interchange categories, level 1, level 2 & level 3. The higher the level, the lower the interchange cost.

  1. Level 1 is a basic business transaction which includes minimal transaction information
  2. Level 2 includes the same information as level 1, but also includes the tax amount and invoice # (terminal or virtual terminal)
  3. Level 3 includes line item detail.  Information you would generally find on an invoice. (requires a virtual terminal capable of capturing the additional line item detail, terminals Do Not Support Level 3 processing).


Revolution Payments has simplified the ability to qualify for level 3 interchange rates. Our payment gateway will identify the cards you accept and automatically update all of your transactions to level 3 interchange rates.

If you have questions or would like a No Obligation Level 3 rate quote give us a call at 888 790 3450.


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