Accepting GSA SmartPay and P Cards

Businesses and vendors that wish to obtain a schedule contract to do business with the Federal Government are required to accept the GSA SmartPay charge cards as a method of payment for micro-purchases, generally those purchases under $3,000. The rules and requirements for accepting cards are defined by the card associations and also cover Government charge cards.

Accepting the GSA SmartPay is beneficial to your company because you can maximize your ability to capture Government sales. If you already accept these cards from the commercial sector.  You may want to seek out an experienced level-3 payment processor like Revolution Payment Systems and discuss the addition savings a level 3 merchant account will provide, not only for GSA but purchasing, commercial and business transactions.

Visa and MasterCard have lower interchange/costs when level 3 data is provided.  You can expect to save an additional 20-30% on Business-to-Business and Business-toGovernment transactions.

If your selling to the government or other businesses I encourage you to call Revolution Payment Systems for a complimentary   review showing the savings processing level 3 card data will provide your organization.

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