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Affordable on any budget. From talech Mobile with no monthly software fees to paid plans starting at $29 per month, talech gives you a modern and easy-to-use

Discover the power of talech, a cutting-edge, cloud-based suite of tools designed to give your business a competitive edge. Unleash the potential of efficient and secure payment processing with a comprehensive set of retail-specific features. Seamlessly apply offers and discounts, effortlessly scan and search inventory, and more.

talech POS for Retail: Transform Operations, Boost Sales

Empower your retail business with talech POS, a solution that enhances operations and fuels sales growth. Print barcode labels and gain real-time inventory insights. Simplify item returns with support for refunds, exchanges, or store credit. Venture into online sales effortlessly with commission-free online ordering. Leverage real-time reports to gain valuable insights into your top-selling products.

BASIC POINT-OF-SALE: talech Mobile

  • Manage Orders: Keep orders meticulously organized.
  • Manage Products: Organize products by category and type.
  • Reporting: Track actionable insights such as customer purchases and peak sales cycles.

SIMPLE POINT-OF-SALE: talech Starter

  • Manage Inventory: Automate inventory tracking for optimal availability.
  • Customer Tracking: Understand customer behavior for improved offerings.


  • Online Ordering: Create a customized microsite integrated with your POS.
  • Managing Employees: Provide staff access and track hours worked.
  • Automated Discounts: Boost spending with customizable discounts.
  • Exchanges: Simplify customer returns for accurate inventory management.


  • Book Appointments: Efficiently manage in-store traffic with appointment scheduling.
  • Inventory Alerts: Stay informed when popular items are running low.

Please note that as our talech solution undergoes scheduled enhancements, certain features may be temporarily unavailable. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

talech Register for Retail: Seamlessly Integrate into Your Store Environment

talech Register seamlessly integrates into both retail storefronts and pop-up environments. This dynamic combination allows you to process payments at your counter efficiently. With an integrated interactive customer-facing display, your customers can view every item in their purchase. talech Register comes complete with essential tools, including a card reader for payments, a receipt printer, a scanner for items and gift cards, and a cash drawer for secure cash management. Elevate your retail experience with talech Register.

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