Merchant Cash Advance

Turn your future credit card receivables into cash for your business

Alternative Funding Sources For Businesses That Accept Credit Cards.

Getting the cash you need to build your business is easier than ever with Revolution Payment’s Merchant Cash Advance program.

Turn your credit card sales into working capital. Think of the possibilities. You can expand your business, purchase inventory or invest in new equipment, renovate and much more.

Features & Benefits

With our simple, one page application form and no application fees, you can make use of cash advance funds
in a matter of days.

Qualification is based on your average monthly credit card processing volume.

Rather than make set payments on a monthly basis, you agree to have a small percentage of your daily credit card sales withheld to repay the cash advance. This percentage is automatically taken from your daily credit card processing settlements with Revolution Payments.

Spend the advance any way you see fit:

  • Renovate
  • Upgrade Business Equipment
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Replenish Inventory
  • Website Development
  • Expand
  • Working Capital

key components

  • Simple Application Process
  • High Approval Rates
  • Receive Funds in as little as 3-5 Days
  • Repay the advance daily through your merchant processing. We only get paid when you get paid.
  • Opportunity to renew your cash advance for future funding.

Partner with us today
and experience the difference.

Revolutionize your payment processing with Revolution Payments.

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