B2B & B2G Credit Card Processing & Reclassifying to Level 3 Interchange Rates

Revolution Payments can automatically reclassify your commercial, business and government cards to level 3 interchange rates.  This  will add about 1% to your bottom line regardless of your current rate or processor.

Most business owners have been conditioned to focus only on rate when choosing a credit card processor. Having a great rate is important, but it only amounts to about 25% of the total fees every business pays to accept credit cards.

Let me explain.

Despite what most businesses have been led to believe 75%-90% of the fees businesses pay to accept credit cards actually goes back to the credit card issuer, not processors.  This is referred to as “interchange”.
This is why banks issue credit cards, they get interchange back whenever someone uses one of their cards.
Visa, MasterCard & processors earn NO revenue from interchange.
Commercial and government cards qualify at 1 of 3 interchange levels. Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, based on information you enter with the transaction.   The higher the level, the lower the cost.
 The difference of processing a commercial card with vs without level 3 detail is a difference of .85%-1.5% depending on the whether a Visa/MC and the size of the transaction.


Revolution Payments identifies  the cards you accept and automatically update all orders to level 3 interchange rates, without you changing the way you do business.


This adds up to 1.5% of new “interchange” revenue to your bottom line you cannot receive from processors.
Sample Level 3 Statement
Take a look at the statement I’ve attached.  This client keys 100% of their cards, accepts mainly commercial, business and government cards. You can see 100% of their cards are qualifying at level 2 and level 3 interchange Rates
2nd statement:  This client only accepts commercial, purchase and government cards,  keys 100% of their cards and getting level 3 interchange rates 1.85% on every single transaction.

Sample Level 3 Credit Card Processing Statement

Neither of these clients are entering level 2 or level 3 detail, yet 100% of every transaction is qualifying.

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