Business to Business and B2G Merchant Accounts

What is a B2B or G2B Merchant Account?

A business to business merchant account is a special merchant account for organizations and government agencies that sell primarily to other businesses, and government agencies. A B2B merchant account will allow your business to accept credit cards with reduced downgrading that is seen with standard merchant accounts.

How is a business to business account any different?

There is a 3 tier system that is used for domestic credit cards when they are processed. Tier 1 is a normal consumer credit card, tier 2 is a corporate level card, and tier 3 is procurement cards.

Processing Level Chart

With a standard merchant account, everything but tier 1 transactions will downgrade, which increases the costs of processing the credit card. A company will not know if an individual card will downgrade until that card is processed. By using a specific method of processing, your can include level 2 and 3 data with a transaction. This will make level 2 and 3 transactions cost nearly the same as a standard consumer credit card in many cases. For level 2 processing, most standard credit card terminals and payment gateways can be used. For level 3 processing, special software must be used in conjunction with a level 3 processing service. We can set up just about any type of business on a tier 2 or tier 3 processing account, whether it be a card-present swiped account, a keyed entry account, or an ecommerce website.

Do I need a business to business merchant account?

This depends on the percentage of level 2 and 3 transactions that you need to process. If you only accept a few level 2 and 3 transactions per month then there really isn’t any reason that you would need to be setup with a business to business account. On the other hand, if you sell a large percentage to other corporations and government agencies, or you are a government agency, then chances are you could save a great deal of money each year by switching to a business to business merchant account. Also, if you have extraordinarily high tickets for B to B then you will need to setup a special account.

How Much Can I Save if I Have a High Ticket Size?

If you are a large ticket size business that sells mainly B2B, then an average of 30% savings over your current processing charges is common. We often see a larger savings than 30%, but this savings will ultimately depend on your current rate structure, the method you are using to capture your credit card information, and the actual cards your customers are using to pay.

What is the Business to Business software?

Our business to business software package will allow you to process you credit card transactions through a web browser based Virtual Point of Sale program. Our software can be integrated into an online store system used manually, or integrated into an existing back office system such as SAP.

The software supports Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and Diners Club, and supports all types of transactions from consumer, corporate, business to government cards.

The software will automatically apply certain requirements to your transaction to qualify your tier 2 and tier 3 transactions, saving your business costly downgrade fees.

We have found that for many businesses, this software and business to business setup can pay for itself on the first transaction.

I’m Still Unsure.

If you are unsure as to your business needing a business to business account, please feel free to call or email us. We can further explain the benefits of a business to business merchant account, and help you decide whether your business would benefit from a business to business solution.

Regardless of your ticket size or yearly volume, we are confident that our solution can meet your processing requirements and save your business money.

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