Eliminate credit card processing fees

How to Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees with Zero Cost.


Revolution payments can help your business eliminate credit card processing fees.  Statistics show us that 70% of Americans prefer to use payment cards while only 12% prefer to use cash.

Aside from being the most convenient form of payment, the card brands have done an excellent job of promoting cash back rewards, points on air line miles, and other purchases. The card brands are not covering these perks, they are actually being paid for by merchants.

In the past businesses have been forced to absorb the higher interchange fees associated with these types of cards. Not anymore!

Our Credit Card Cost Control program allows you to keep more profit on each transaction.

Credit card processing fees can rank in the top 5 expenses for a business. Not accepting credit or debit cards means forcing your customers to either use cash or check or choose to leave and not come back at all.

If your tired of paying the fees associate with accepting cards, Our Credit Card Cost Control program, may be the answer for your business.

Revolution payments  zero-cost acceptance program makes your cost for accepting credit cards, virtually free. How? The cardholder is charged, instead of your business.

A 3% fee is automatically charged to every card you accept. Accept credit cards without wondering how much you will pay in processing fees.

The only cards prohibited of being charged are debit cards.  You pay only 1% + $0.25 per transaction

Processing details:

  • C4 works on all major credit cards.
  • Fee only charged if a cardholder uses a credit card. Debit cards or government issued prepaid cards are not charged.
  • If returns are issued, a proportional amount of the fee will be returned as well.

Eliminate credit card processing fees today! Questions? Give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@ revolution-payments.com


  • Eliminates interchange and processing fees. Keep more of your money!
  • No long term contracts (month to month) No cancellation fee
  • Free terminal placement programs
  • Same-day and Next-day funding available

Surcharge is not legal in 6 states: Colorado, Connecticut,
Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma

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