Government Procurement Cards and Level III Line Item Detail

If your company accepts Government Procurement Cards and not  processing Level III Line Item Detail, your losing a large percentage of potential revenue to fees.

The majority of merchant service providers will pitch you on how they can lower your rates and or save you money.  Just offering you a monthly savings may not be appealing, but the reality is that an experienced Level 3 payment consultant can significantly impact your bottom line- not only by reducing your costs but showing some of the secrets

most card issuers don’t want you to know that allow you to put a big chunk of their profits back into your pockets.


An experienced Level 3 processing consultant will show you the savings sending Level III detail will provide your company and show you how to look more attractive to government buyers.

If  your rep never explained this , there is a good chance your loosing a big percentage of revenue and may be loosing business to competitors that your not even aware of.

To speak with one of Revolution Payment Systems Level 3 consultants or to take advantage of our Level III Purchase analysis and processing audit give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email [email protected]



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