GSA SmartPay Ghost Cards

What are GSA SmartPay  Ghost Cards

We have a lot of government vendors  that inquire about needing the ability to process GSA SmartPay Ghost Cards.

A ghost credit card is nothing more than a virtual credit card. Government agencies, corporations, and other large employers use ghost credit cards as an alternative to issuing credit cards to employees.  Each employee uses a ghost # and the organization pays for all charges using a single account.  A single use account does not require a physical credit card in order to function like one. A single use account is a virtual account number
that may be used during a limited time period, for a limited dollar amount, and/or for a specific vendor along with other limitations and restrictions.

The card numbers can be processed like any credit card however, these cards still qualify for level 3 credit card processing rates, so make sure you work with a processor who can set you up to take advantage of the lower interchange rates you receive for passing level 3 line item detail. Level 3 processing will lower the interchange costs on these transactions by 30%-40%.

Questions or need help getting set up to accept Ghost Cards,  give us a call @ 888 790 34350

Revolution Payments is a Level 3 Credit Card Processor For Government  Contractors/Suppliers & B2B Merchants


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