GSA SmartPay Level III Processing

If your a Government Vendor/Contractor in  need of GSA SmartPay Level III Processing  you’ve come to the right place!  Revolution Payments can help.We have been supporting government vendors for  almost 20 year’s and the authority when it comes to level 3 credit card processing.
Some vendors are required to provide proof of level 3 capability before bidding on a contract. Revolution payments can help you meet the GSA SmartPay level 3 requirements along along with 10 additional customized fields.  All data is available for reporting.
In certain cases, information up and above general level 3 line item detail are required for reporting purposes.
 Order Number,
 Order Date,
 Manufacturer’s Name,
 Manufacturer (or Wholesaler) Part Number,
 Vendor Part Number
 UPC-A Code,
 Product Description,
 JanSan Subcategory
 Unit of measure,
 Package Quantity (e.g. box of 12, case of 24, etc.),
 BPA Price,
 BPA Extended Price,
 Price Paid,
 Price Paid Extended,
 Debit or Credit Indicator,
 MAS Price (Federal Supply Schedule 51 V, 73 and 75 prices),
 MAS Extended Price (Federal Supply Schedule 51 V, 73 and 75 extended prices),
 FMIS Agency,
 SubAgency (Levels 1, 2, and 3),
 Reference ID,
 AbilityOne Flag,
 CPG Indicator,
 Bio-Preferred Indicator,
 Sales Channel
 Payment Method,
 Delivery method (e.g., standard, overnight, expedited)
 Shipment weight,
 To Zip Code,
 From Zip Code,
 Freight Charge,
 Supply Fee (e.g., processing orders below the minimum, etc.),
 Fulfillment Date,
 Vendor Name,
 BPA Number,
 If your a vendor/contractor not required to provide level 3 line item detail, Do Not overlook the cost savings Level III processing can provide.
Visa and MasterCard created special interchange rates to support Government P-cards by rewarding  vendors with Lower interchange rates for transactions that include level 3 detail in the payment file.
 These lower interchange rates can lower your cost by 30%-40% (if your processor set you up properly with a cost plus merchant account).Questions about  GSA SmartPay Level III Processing ? Give us a call at 888 790 3450

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