How Revolution Payment Systems helps Government Contractors save an average of 30% on Credit Cards fees with Level 3 processing

Revolution Payment Systems, is Leader in Level-3 Processing.  They are helping  government contractors save 30 percent and even 50 percent on government and commercial credit card processing by using their level-3 payment technology.

Many merchants who sell to the government or other businesses don’t  know the difference from  accepting a government  credit card vs. a standard commercial card.

On the surface, a Government Purchase Cards may look like a typical  commercial  or consumer credit card, but possesses more features, controls and capabilities.

A typical Purchase Card can be setup to control:

•   Number of daily transactions

•   Number of monthly transactions

•   Total monthly spend

•   Amount per transaction

•   Daily spend

•   Where the card may be used based on merchant MCC codes (industries)

The most differentiating characteristic of Government and Purchasing cards is their transactions can

be processed with Level-3 line item detail. This is information you would generally find on an invoice that is sent along with the payment transaction.

Government and purchasing cards have different tiered rates based on the level of information transmitted with the payment transaction.

Why Level-3 Processing is So Important if you Sell To the Government or other Businesses

All processors operate off the same cost which is called interchange. Interchange is regulated by Visa and MasterCard and can amount to 80% of the fees a merchant pays to accept credit cards.

Interchange goes back to the card issuing bank of a merchants customer, NOT credit card processors.   Level-3 processing lowers a part of cost that processors have NO influence over. So, if  you sell to the government or other businesses and is not processing Level-3, You’re giving up 30%-40% in additional fees.

Level-3 Processing may help you gain more business from the government.

The Government has not mandated Level 3 processing yetbut has added Level 3 processing as a requirement for some of the contracts recently awarded, Further, SmartPay training programs for Federal cardholders emphasize that buyers should look for Level 3 processing from the vendors when making a purchase.

Revolution Payment Systems has taken Level-3 processing to another level.

Revolution Payment Systems’ New Payment Gateway simplifies the way merchants process Level-3 Data.  Aside from the traditional Level-3 Processing, Revolution Payment Systems has the ability to send Level-3 Data on a merchants behalf  without them lifting a finger.

Whether a transaction is keyed in, processed over the internet, via a mobile device, through Quickbooks or swiped, their technology sends Level-3 payment detail behind the scenes.  Any  possible card that can qualify at Level-3 will. This is breakthrough technology that provides a tremendous value and savings for government contractors and businesses.

It also allows merchants who thought they didn’t have the time to manually enter Level-3 Data or didn’t qualify because they were 100% internet sales take advantage of Level-3 rates for commercial and government cards.

It’s virtually impossible to qualify every commercial and government card at Level-3, this could be due to a transaction being swiped which would limit the amount of time it would take to enter Level-3 Data, Internet or mobile transactions where customers don’t have the ability to enter the additional data requirements.

This is no longer the case when working with Revolution Payment Systems and their Level-3 Payment Technology.

At Revolution Payments, things are done differently, and have been for over 17 years. Revolution’s clients are some of the most educated consumers around. Why?  Because taking the time to give them straight answers about things they need to know is an important part of the Revolution business model.

Impeccable personalized customer service, straightforward statements, and knowledge about fees and technology are important to merchants, along with many ways to save money and run their businesses more efficiently.

Revolution Payments is revolutionizing the way merchants process Level 3 data. Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution payments should contact Sean Jones at sean(at)revolution-payments(dot)com

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