Level 2 & Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing

Revolution Payments, and our automated Level 2 & Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing reclassification technology can help you add 1% or more to your bottom line on your existing sales volume w/o changing your rate!
How is this possible?
Despite what most businesses have been led to believe 75%-90% of the fees a business pays to accept credit cards goes back to the bank that issued the credit card, NOT processors.  This is referred to as interchange.  Visa, MasterCard and processors earn NO revenue from interchange.
A processors rate or markup only accounts for 10%-25% of a businesses expense for accepting cards.
Commercial, Business, Purchase & Government cards qualify at 1 of 3 (enhanced data ) interchange ratesLevel 1, level 2 or level 3. The higher the level, the lower the interchange rate.
Reclassifying interchange
Our ability to reclassify B2B and government  cards allows you to capture a large chunk of interchange revenue that you cannot get from  your processor.   This lowers interchange by 30%-40% and how we easily add 1% to someones bottom line without  changing your rate (processors markup)
Large Ticket Transactions.
Large ticket transactions qualify for specialinterchange rates” up and above Level 3.
Transactions over $5,800 on the GSA side and $7800 Non GSA qualify for Large Ticket  Interchange rates.
Rates vary from
  • 1.20% GSA
  • .40%-1.58% Non GSA
Only transactions processed with level 3 detail are eligible for level 3 interchange,  remember, this is revenue that is, and will otherwise go to the card issuing bank, not processors. 

Your current rate is irrelevant B2B and government cards accepted without level 2 and level 3 detail qualify at different interchange rates and cost more.We automate this without you doing anything differently. I wont go into all the technical details of what we do  behind the scenes, but only transactions with a tax amount between 1%-22% and invoice # are eligible for level 2 rates. 

We can even qualify tax exempt transactions at level 2, saving you 1/2% that you would otherwise be ineligible for.  Level 3 processing generally requires you to enter up to 13 more fields of information to qualify. We automate this without you lifting a finger or changing the way you do business.

If your like most business owners you get dozens of calls related to merchant services and probably sick of hearing how everyone can save you money and lower your rates.  This is different. Although we can  most likely lower your rate, this allows you to add about 1% to your bottom line, on your existing sales volume from revenue you cannot get from a processor lowering your rate.

Questions?  Give us a call at 888 890 3450  Revolution Payments, Your Level 2 & Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing Experts!

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