Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Level 3 Credit Card Processing

My name is Sean Jones; I’ve been in the Merchant Services industry for 20 years.

Today I’m sharing a secret most banks would prefer you didn’t know & Expose you to new technology that will add up to 1.5% to your profit margins on your B2B & B2G transactions regardless of your current rate. This allows you to capture interchange revenue that will otherwise go back to the card issuing banks.

Anyone accepting credit cards knows processing fees eat into your profits.

Did you know? Business-2-Business and Government transactions fall into one of three interchange categories; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The higher the level the lower the rate. Or that Visa & MasterCard created special rates by reducing interchange for transactions including level 3 detail?

What is Level 3 Processing?
Level 3 processing refers to passing line item detail with transactions and contains information generally found on an invoice; like PO# descriptions, quantities and other details
Revolution Payments automates this for you. we identify the cards your accepting and automatically populate Level 3 detail to qualifying transactions
This reclassifies Business-2-Business and Government transactions adding 1.5% of interchange revenue to your bottom line.
Payment professionals have been conditioning businesses to focus on areas having little impact on their bottom line. Level 3 processing lowers interchange by 40% before processor adds their markup.
Choosing the right processing partner is critical to your long term success. Let us be that partner for you. We pass all transactions through at costs, ensure your account is properly set up, automate rate qualification and guarantee your rate for as long as you process with us.

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