Level 3 (Level III) Data

Does your business currently accept payments from other Businesses or Government Agencies?

If so, adding Level 3 (Level III) Data will significantly reduce interchange fees for your Purchase Cards (P-Cards), Corporate, Business and GSA Cards. Revolution payment systems can help you automate your Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions while taking advantage of the lower interchange rates for passing Line Item Detail.

Keep in mind, the ONLY Way to receive Level III Rates is to Pass Level III Data.

We often hear merchants say, “We have a great rate”, “We have the lowest rate” or “No one can beat our rate”. Keep in mind all processors have the same cost. This is called Interchange and is the actual cost of the sale that is processed to the card issuing bank. To have the best or the lowest rates you need a cost plus rate structure where your processor is passing all cards through at true cost.

Revolution Payment Systems specializes in “Pass Through” pricing, also known as Interchange Plus Pricing. This means that our clients have complete transparency when it comes to what they are being charged, and they can benefit from lower rates and fees as well.  

If you have Cost Plus, implementing level III will save you an additional 75 basis points and up to 1.50% on the Same Transactions.

Questions about Level III processor or want to learn more? Email [email protected] or call our office at 888-790-3450


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