Level 3 Processing Gateway

Revolution payments new level 3 gateway can help you qualify for level 3 interchange without changing the way you currently process transactions.

We can automatically submit the qualifying data fields required for Level 2 and Level 3 business and purchasing card transactions.  Level 3 transactions carry lower interchange rates because these cards are used in a B2B or B2G situations where fraud and chargebacks are less prevalent resulting in lower fees.  In addition, the merchant is incented to provide the increased data to support the government /corporate buyer and thus improve their card accounting.


Revolution payments is revolutionizing the way merchants process level 3 data.  The best possible rate and the same transaction qualifying at level 3 interchange is a savings of 85 basis points.  If you process commercial, business, purchasing and or government cards I urge you to call one of our payment professionals for a complimentary financial audit and review.


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