Level 3 Processing Merchant Account

If you’re not familiar with Level 3 Processing there is a good chance your company is losing a minimum of 1%-2% on many of your Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government Transactions,

 Revolution Payment Systems can easily prove this with a complimentary interchange cost analysis! 

Very few merchants selling to other businesses or government contracts are aware of the potential savings Level-3 processing would provide their company. This is surprising, as the bulk of their transactions are most likely Business-2-Business and Business-2-Government

A Fact!  Most merchants don’t know is The True Cost for accepting credit card payments is the same regardless of your credit card processor.

This is called interchange and why banks issue credit cards. Interchange is the amount of each sale that goes back to the card issuing bank.  This is regulated by Visa and MasterCard, not your credit card processors. Visa and MasterCard make modifications to interchange every April and October.

Business, Purchasing, Corporate and Government transactions are unique because they have different rates based on the additional information being sent along to the credit card processor.  I’m not referring to the zip code or the 3-digit code on the back.


I will use MasterCard Corporate Cards as an example.



MasterCard Corporate Card


MasterCard Corporate Card where Level II information is added


MasterCard Corporate Card where Level III information is added


You can easily save 85 basis points on the same exact transaction by making sure your account and terminal/gateway is set up properly.  Please NOTE.  I am not referring to the markup your processor has added to your rate, this is a different story and a way to put some money back in your pocket.

I am referring to Interchange alone,  The amount of your transaction that goes back to the credit card issuing bank.

Other factors are required to receive the incentivized rates for Level-3 Processing.  You need cost plus pricing and proper technology to support line item detail. Terminals Do Not support Level-3?

Do you see Non-Qualified on your Statement, using a terminal or have not heard of Level-3 Processing?

How much money is your company losing each month? Lets us show you how much. Call or email for a complimentary rate review and analysis.

Either fax your last months statement to 301 790 1998 or email [email protected]

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