Level 3 Processing with QuickBooks

Government vendors and contractors using QuickBooks can now process level 3 data  and receive the reduced interchange rates.

The difference of processing level 3 detail vs. not can be as high as 1%-1.5%

It has been our experience that the  majority of contractors (75 to 80%) that engage in Business to Business and Business to Government processing are now aware of or properly set up to take advantage of Visa and MasterCard’s special interchange rates for Corporate and Purchase card programs.Eliminate your Non qualified fees, reduce your expenses and process these cards correctly.

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Free Level 3 Rate Quote and best pricing analysis

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Additional Features.

  • Sale
  • Receive Payment
  • Credit Memo
  • Invoice
  • Sales Order
  • Whenever you add or modify one of these transactions you can capture this information to charge credit cards or eChecks by using the selected payment gateway.
  • Offline mode – accept credit cards without having Internet access and process those later
  • Accept credit card and electronic check payment
  • Print payment receipts
  • Usage outside of QuickBooks® as virtual terminal
  • Performs transaction types like Authorize, Capture, Void, Credit, etc.
  • Level 2 support for reduced credit card transaction fees
  • Level 3 support for purchasing cards.
  • Support for designated USB magnetic stripe readers


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