Level II Qualifications for Level 2 Interchange


Level II Qualifications for Level 2 Interchange

Level 2 is additional information attached to a commercial, purchasing, corporate, business and government card.  Providing the required transaction detail for level 2 and if your processor sets your account up properly provides a merchant with a lower interchange costs vs the same exact transaction without level II card data.  Providing level 2 card data can lower your cost by a half of a percent on certain cards.


If your accepting  commercial related credit cards and your merchant service provide has not talked to you about the potential revenue  Level-2 card data will add to your bottom line, you should consult with an experienced Business-2-Business processing consultant.


Visa Level 2 Qualifications

– Visa Commercial cards used at a non T&E merchant.
– CPS Data and Level II Data required.
– Tax-exempt transactions are not eligible. Tax amount must be
between .1% and 22% of the transaction amount.
– Fleet fuel transactions at fuel merchants require fuel data.



MasterCard Level 2 Qualifications 

– T&E Merchants are ineligible to receive this rate.
– Transaction must be settled within 2 days of purchase date.
– Transaction may be swiped or keyed. Electronic auth required.
– Level II Data required (Customer Code only required for Purchasing and Fleet cards)
– Tax amount must be >0.1% and <30% of transaction amount, except
for the following MCCs, which are exempt from the tax amount
threshold: 4111, 4131, 4784, 4215, 8211, 8220, 8398, 8661, 9211,
9222, 9311, 9399 and 9402.
– Additional fuel data required for Fleet card transactions

Have questions about level 2 processing  or see how the reduced interchange levels will affect your businesses bottom line.   Give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@ revolution-payments.com

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