Lowering your credit card expenses with Level 3 processing

If you  sell business-to-government or business-to-business, your can reduce your credit card processing fees by implementing a level 3 payment solution.

Level 3 processing is an advanced processing method for business and government transactions.  Level 3 processes additional line item detail through with the payment transaction.

A sample of required line item information to qualify for level 3 can be found below.

Level I and II data elements plus

Item description

Item quantity

Item unit of measure

Item total

Item commodity code

Item product code

Item unit cost

Item VAT tax amount/rate

Tax exempt customers can still qualify for level 3. Consult with a revolution specialist to find out how.

Qualifying for level 3 rates requires payment technology capable of passing level 3 data. Stand alone credit card machines will not support level 3.

Revolution payment systems has technology that has made it very easy for merchants to qualify for level 3 processing rates without changing the way your doing business.

If you process transactions over $6,980 your eligible for additional savings up and above level 3.  Any questions or to learn more about the benefits and savings of a level 3 merchant account call or email us today.

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