Lowest rates for accepting commercial cards

Receiving the lowest rates for accepting commercial cards can ONLY be achieved if you’re including level 3 payment detail with your transactions. The higher cost of accepting commercial cards is a big concern for merchants who accept credit cards from other businesses or government. Most companies anticipate a higher rate due to the type of card and how its processed.

When set up properly, commercial cards can cost you less than most other cards you accept.  A business will often tell me, “we accept commercial cards and never see a card” for this reason they assume rates are higher. Not really, and there are special interchange rates that only keyed in cards are eligible for (only applies to B2B transactions).

Level 3 processing allows you to receive the lowest rates for accepting commercial cards.  Accepting commercial cards without level 3 processing, you lose 1% of potential revenue that has nothing to do with the rate your processor charges.   If accept credit cards over $8725, without providing level 3 detail, you miss out on the special high ticket processing rates.

3 Different Interchange Qualifications

Commercial cards qualify at 1 of 3 different interchange rates, level 2, level 2 and level 3.  Only transactions including level 3 detail, clear at level 3 interchange rates.  Level 3 processing will require you use a software or gateway capable of capturing the additional line item detail.

If you accept credit cards from businesses or government, its definitely  worth having an experienced B2B payment professional do a no obligation revenue/analysis  for you. Level 3 processing could easily reduce your cost of accepting these cards by up to 40%.

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