Microsoft Dynamics GP Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Revolution Payments offers Microsoft Dynamics GP Level 3 Credit Card Processing for B2B & B2G transactions that operates effectively within Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP).

This Microsoft Dynamics GP level 3 credit card processing component works flawlessly within MS. Dynamics Great Plains and is set up in such a way that makes it easy to use. You can maximize and save your time through this plugin by simply marking your invoices as paid which in turn updates the A/R and G/L automatically.

Your entire transaction can be easily traced while you attain an evident reduction in double data entry which will successfully exterminate the risk of human errors and also enhance the workflow of accounting, just by merging your accounting system and the activities of your payment process.

Revolution Payments Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) payment processing plug-in allows you to run transactions at any (or all) of these stages:

  • Customers –Make a direct charge to an account and register payments to a specific customer’s open invoice(s)
  • Sales Order – Transactions on your credit card can be authorized in advance
  • Invoice –Direct charges can be made on credit cards, and authorizations made in advance are duly captured
  • Credit Memo – Customers are given credits

Key features of the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) credit card processing integration:

  • Payments are posted by default in AR and GL (Accounts Receivable and General Ledger)
  • Invoices indicate “PAID” once the transactions are received and approved
  • Import Payment Receipts with a Single Click
  • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) displays an alert of the payment immediately it is made
  • The PCI compliant server houses the customer’s card information and makes it available off-site
  • It is suitable for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) from 2010 upwards
  • Obtains Level 3 data (line item data) to get the lowest costs on business and corporate cards.
  • Import Approved Invoices into Batches.

Level 3 processing ensures the lowest interchange costs available for processing commercial cards.

How does Level 3 processing with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) work?

Revolution Payments proprietary system (gateway) automatically detects, whether it’s a level eligible transaction. And when it is, automatically populates and attaches level 3 detail, and immediately lowers your “interchange” costs by 30%, before the transaction ever reaches a processor.

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution payments should contact Sean Jones at sean(at)revolution-payments(dot)com

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