How to differentiate yourself from the competition to help win government contracts


The ability for some businesses to obtain government contracts is crucial. Companies that can rely on government money are likely to experience a greater number of advantages from their increased revenue stream.  With extremely competitive markets, this is easier said than done

An article in offers tips vendors can follow to help win government contracts. One of the key points of the article is that organizations have to differentiate themselves from their competition. Because those tasked with procuring products and services for their public sector offices often encounter a bevy or businesses constructed in a relatively similar fashion, vendors that take the extra step to establish themselves as a separate entity will likely be more successful winning contracts.

The article suggests going above and beyond to determine the best possible way to benefit the potential customer.

“Knowing the agency project goals, understanding the budget and offering a product or service that meets the goals is critical,” the article says. “Make sure your bid meets delivery deadlines and that your company is able to manage expectations once the bid is won.”

Additionally, vendors working with government agencies can stand out above the competition by obtaining the payment solutions needed to process Level 3 data. Because the GSA SmartPay program will soon be requiring Level 3 data, any organization that doesn’t process this information will ultimately stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. Working with a payment solutions provider will help organizations obtain the tools needed to process this data quickly and efficiently. Not only will this benefit the customer and help win contracts, it will help the vendor ensure it pays the lowest possible interchange rate once the contract is won.

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