Processing Government Credit Cards

  Revolution Payment Systems is a leading advocate and Level III payment processor to Government Vendors and Contractors.

Some of the things we do for contractors is.

  • Increase GSA net profits by 10%
  • Gain access to restricted opportunities
  • Simplify invoicing and reporting
  • Look more attractive to government buyers.

Many contractors and suppliers have relied on their banks or processors to set them up to process payments from the government .   Its unfortunate that many processors only teach reps what they need to know to close a sale.  Things get  much more complicated when you process a government or commercial card.  . Many other factors come into play.

In-fact there is a way to reduce the cost of these transactions by up to 40% and has nothing to do with your current processor, nor matter your current rate.

Your rep could be the nicest person in the world, but doesn’t mean this is the best for your business and your bottom line. If your processing government credit cards just like any other card you accept your losing potential profit and can prove this to you.

 Give me a call if you have any questions regarding processing Government P-cards . GSA SmartPay or if your required to process Level-3 line item detail.

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