Qualifying for Level-3 Interchange

If your company sells Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business (B2B), Level-3 processing is the most effective way to automatically reduce your merchant service expenses by 30%-40%.


 There is more to qualifying for Level-3 rates than sending Level 3 line-item detail with the payment transaction.  Several  factors are required to make sure your company takes advantage of the reduced interchange levels for Level 3

Proper payment technology capable of passing level 3 data, proper rate structure and choosing an experienced B2B and B2G merchant service provider.

1. Standard terminals Do Not support Level 3.

2. A cost plus merchant account, otherwise your B2B and B2G transactions will downgrade to Non qualified and have additional surcharges applied. If you see Non-Qualified, Standard, EIRF, Corporate Data Rate 1 or Purchase, Corporate Card Electronic, you may want to have an B2B consultant review a recent statement.

3. Choosing an merchant service provider who has experience working with merchants who sell to the government, businesses and level 3 merchant accounts could mean the difference of you spending 30% or more on these transactions. Setting up a merchant account to process corporate and government transactions is much different than setting up a standard merchant account.  Having all the requirements for Level 3 is the ONLY way your going to get the true savings for having a level 3 merchant account.

Revolution payment systems is the authority when it comes to Level 3 processing and has the tools, technology and experience your business deserves.

For questions regarding level 3 or to receive a complimentary Level 3 cost analysis Call, Fax or Email.

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