Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process

Wouldn’t it be great if the accounts payable process was just easier? We think so too.  We’re Revolution Payments. And we’re here to help you streamline your accounts payable process

If your team is still manually processing hundreds of paper invoices and checks each week, Revolution Payments integrated payables solution can help streamline your workload. Our automated payment technologies take less time to process, are more secure, and are easier to reconcile. Ultimately, they help make life easier. And what if we told you we PAY YOU?!

Revolution Payments  can automatically pay 100% of your suppliers with a single payment instruction file from your accounting system. Virtual Visa cards are the fastest and most secure way to pay, but we also simplify paying with an ACH or traditional checks.

Revolution Payments creates a seamless payment file connection with your existing system. We do all the integration work and you can continue using the accounting tools you know. Your approvals and process remain exactly the same. While you streamline your accounts payable process.

And using the platform costs you nothing. We don’t even charge for setup. In fact, Revolution pays you! A percentage of every virtual payment comes back to you – Spending $10 million annually would generate approximately $150,000 in rebate revenue. With no fees for virtual cards we help turn your AP cost center into a revenue center!

Beyond payments, our team helps you manage supplier relationships and potential challenges as well as providing enhanced data analytics. We even monitor payments for you, all to ensure your suppliers get paid on time, accurately, and securely.

If you’re ready to make your job a whole lot easier, and make money doing it, Revolution Payments is here to help.

Just email [email protected], visit our website at or call 888-790-3450 Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process  with virtual cards today!

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