Unleash Hidden Savings With Revolution’s Interchange Optimization Solution

Revolution payments reveals a new service to help businesses reduce the higher interchange fees normally associated with accepting commercial cards.  Revolution Payment’s interchange optimization solution  helps businesses avoid downgrades while qualifying for lower cost interchange categories

There is no direct cost to the end user for this service. In exchange for helping businesses reduce the expense of accepting commercial cards, Revolution Payments takes 50% of the reduction in interchange costs.

Since many businesses that accept commercial cards don’t properly pass along enhanced data to qualify for level 3 processing, using this service can help reduce the interchange expense of accepting commercial cards by 30%-40%.

100% of interchange optimization is automated, so a businesses does not have to worry about manually keying in the line item detail, or worry about skipping fields, making a transaction ineligible for the lower interchange rates.

This program is designed for commercial credit cards, ie, commercial, purchase, fleet, government and business cards.

Commercial cards have different interchange fees and requirements than consumer cards.

Commercial cards clear at one of three interchange categories. Level 1, level 2, or level 3. The higher the level, the lower the interchange rate. Interchange can vary by as much as 1% to 1.5% when compared to processing with vs without level 3 processing payment detail.

Businesses using credit card terminals are welcome to take advantage of this service. Unlike the traditional level 3 requirements, terminal users were left unable to qualify for the lower interchange rates. Terminals did not support the additional detail required to achieve level 3.

The revolution payments interchange optimization solution for commercial cards works across any terminal or device, as long as it is supported on the First Data or Elavon network.

Up to 80%-90% of the fees a business pays to accept credit cards is a result of interchange.

100% of interchange goes back to the card issuing bank. Processors earn no revenue whatsoever from interchange.

Commercial cards accepted without level 3 detail cost roughly 1% more in interchange regardless of the rate a processor charges a business. This optimization service allows a business to recoup a large chunk of interchange revenue, they cannot receive from a processor lowering their rate.

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution Payments interchange optimization solution  should contact Sean Jones at Sean @revolution-payments.com.

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