What is Level 3 Processing

What is level 3 processing

Reduce your (interchange) cost of accepting commercial & government credit card transactions by 1%-1.5% with a (properly) set up level 3 processing merchant account.

Level 3 processing is not for every business, restaurants and business considered travel/entertainment are not eligible. If you primarily sell to consumers vs. businesses, this is also not a good fit.

This is strictly for companies who primary customer is another business or government agency.

If you accept credit cards, you know that processing fees cut into profits.

But…did you know…(B2B) business-2-business and (B2G) business-2-government  transactions fall into one of three interchange categories; Level 1, level 2 & level 3.The higher the interchange level, the lower the rate.


Visa & MasterCard reduce rates (interchange) for transactions including Level 3 line item detail (level 3 processing information)  These lower interchange rates can be as much as 1%-1.5% vs. non level 3 processing.


Level 3 processing is so vital for B2B & B2G businesses because it lowers interchange before your processor adds their fee.

Accept commercial and or government cards without level 3 detail, you will always pay roughly 1% more than the best rate a processor can give you.

Don’t forget, interchange amounts to 75%-90% of your total expense to accept credit cards, it also goes back to the card issuing bank, not processors.

When processed w/o level 3 processing detail, these transaction qualify at level 1, with a higher interchange rate.


What is Level 3 Processing


It means passing line-item detail; information you would generally find on an invoice; PO number descriptions, quantities….other details that describe the who, what and where.

Revolution Payments automates this for you. We identify the cards you’re accepting and automatically populate Level 3 detail to qualifying transactions.

This reclassifies those transactions, adding that 1.5% of interchange revenue to your bottom line, that you cant receive from a processor simply lowering your rate.


Most businesses have been conditioned to focus on factors that have very little impact on their.

Having a general knowledge of your rates and the (interchange) fees that impact your bottom line can hep you make more informed decisions when choosing a processor partner.


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