ACH Processing

ACH Processing: Revolution Payment System ACH programs allows you to process ACH,, Recurring Payments, IVR, check representments, credit cards and other forms of payments in one customized portal.

If you need the ability to accept payments via your site revolution will provide a free payment portal for your business

Revolution also handles high Risk ACH


Additional highlights

Highlighted System Features

· Process ACH and Credit Cards in one system

· Viewable invoices. Now your customers can pay for their invoice or other receivables bill without having to speak with a live representative.

· Online Terminal can be accessed securely from any computer with Internet access Internet-based, no software to install or updates to download

· Unlimited terminal user accounts

· Process payments over the phone in a call center

· Datacenters are PCI Compliant and SAS70 Level 2 Compliant

· Mobile processing supported for both ACH and Credit Cards on any iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle

· Turn key payment portals for merchants to quickly and easily accept payments online at their website

· API integration for custom implementations for processing payments seamlessly and programmatically

· Hosted and Customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payments services to allow merchants to accept payments through automation and any touch tone telephone.

· Online shopping cart integration for both ACH and Credit Cards.

· Real time check verification services

· Return check collection and auto check re-presentment

· Regardless of payment sources, all transactions are managed in one place with unified reporting

· Point of Sale, swiped credit card transactions are supported with a standard USB credit card reader

· Real time access to payments data

· Automatic Recurring Billing Scheduling for both ACH and Credit Cards

· Transaction Tokenization is supported to allow integration merchants to process subsequent transactions without having to store bank account or credit card data

· Developer resources, example code, and software plug-ins for quick and easy access for software vendors

· Transaction batch file uploads are supported for both ACH and Credit Cards

· Customizable data downloads/exports


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