Commercial and Government Credit Card Transactions are less expensive If your processing Level 3 data

Did you know Commercial and Government Credit Card Transactions are less expensive than most other cards?  They are if your processing Level-3 Data.

Transactions you’re accepting from other businesses or the government are not as expensive as you may think.

1.80%-1.97% whether the transaction is swiped, keyed or via the Internet.  Transactions over $6,980 are 1.45% and go down as the size of the transaction goes up.

4 out of 5 merchants selling to other businesses or the government are set up so these transactions qualify at higher rates or downgrade to Non-Qualified or Standard.

Quick Tip.

The True Cost for accepting credit card payments is the same regardless of your credit card processor this is regulated by Visa and MasterCard.  And called interchange. Interchange is the amount of each sale that goes back to the credit card issuing bank.

What Most Merchants Don’t Know!

Visa and MasterCard have DIFFERENT rates for Commercial, Purchasing, Business and Government Cards when Level-3 line item detail is provided.

I’m not referring to the zip code or the 3-digit code on the back of a card. Level-3 is information generally found on an invoice that is passed along to Visa and MasterCard with the payment transaction.

Level 3 data consists of PO number, Customer Codes, and Product Descriptions, Interchange discounts are available when this information is provided.

Stand alone credit card machines and most payment gateways Do NOT support Level-3 data.

Qualifying for Level-3 may seem like a lot of extra work since line item detail is required. Revolution payment systems has made this VERY Easy.  Revolution Payment Systems has technology that allows us to default the requirements based on your industry and what you’re selling.

This means you get level 3 rates without lifting a finger. This also applies to Internet, mobile and Quickbooks transactions.Your business has to accept credit and debit card payments to stay competitive, Card processing services may be among the three highest expenses your business incurs, after labor and product costs,

We welcome the opportunity to do a NO obligation Apples to Apples comparison with your current program showing the savings Level 3 and B2B merchant account Will Provide Your Company.

Simply Fax your last months statement to (877)901-3181 or email [email protected]

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