Level 3 Data Requirements

A sample of Level 3 Data requirements are listed below. This information needs to be passed along with the payment transaction to qualify for Level-3 Interchange.


Level I and II data elements plusItem description

Item quantity

Item unit of measure

Item total

Item commodity codeItem product code

Item unit cost

Item VAT tax amount/rate


Level-3 is the highest level of data capture. The Level-3 transactional detail is line item detail that describes the components  that make up a sale.This captured data is reported back on the originating companies bank statement.  Level 3 allows organizations to better track spending on company credit cards. Visa and MasterCard have different rates for Business-2-Business and Business-2-Government transactions when Level 3 data is provided.

Level-3 requires specific technology to capture the level 3 data requirements. Many gateways and All Stand Alone Terminals Do NOT Capture Level-3 Data.

To receive the lower interchange rates for Level 3 its recommended working with an experienced B2B and B2G payment processor specialists like Revolution Payment Systems to set up your level 3 merchant account.

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