Level 3 Transaction Reporting

MasterCard Federal Purchasing Card suppliers can better serve their customers by providing higher levels of transaction reporting with the most detailed data in the industry.

MasterCard has defined three different levels of reporting information: Levels I, II and III. These levels, which are described below, represent the sophistication at which suppliers can process MasterCard Federal Purchasing Card transactions.

LEVEL I is a standard credit card purchase transaction, and offers such information as:

  • Supplier Name
  • Total purchase amount
  • Date
  • Merchant Category Code

LEVEL II adds additional information about each purchase, including:

  • Sales tax amount
  • Customer code (a.k.a. accounting code)

LEVEL III adds full line-item detail to the data in Level II, including:

  • Quantities
  • Product codes
  • Ship to zip
  • Freight amount
  • Duty amount


Providing the additional line item detail improves your customer relationships and lowers your expenses for accepting Business and Government Transactions.

Merchants who sell to the government or other business should learn the basics about Level 3 processing. Passing Level 3 Data with proper rate structure can lower your expense for accepting Business and Government transactions by 30%-40%

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