How Level 3 Transactions Improve B2G and B2G Transactions

How  Level 3 Transactions Improve B2G and B2G Transactions.

Commercial, Purchasing and Government  cards have different capabilities than regular consumer credit cards.  They have the ability to capture additional details of a transaction which is sent to Visa and MasterCard. This is information such as PO number, Customer Codes, and Product Descriptions. 

This additional level 3 data shows up on the card holders bank statement giving them a more detailed description of the purchase.

Merchants can lower the cost for accepting Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government cards when providing level 3 data.  This does require a gateway that has level 3 processing capabilities. To receive the lowest incentive rates for commercial, purchasing and GSA transactions its recommended working with an experienced level 3 payment professional like Revolution Payment Systems.

3 out of 5 merchants we have an opportunity to work with who are sending Level 3 data are NOT set up to receive 100% of the reduced interchange. This due to improper rate structure.

For a merchant, level 3 can be challenging.  Setting up a merchant account to process business and government cards and taking advantage of level 3 is much different than a regular retail merchant account.

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