Capture Level 3 Data When Accepting Commercial Cards to Save!

Purchasing, commercial and business cards are used like personal credit cards however, these cards have enhanced reporting capabilities which provide card holders more detail of purchases.

Merchants who are processing level 3 data can qualify for lower processing rates on purchasing, commercial and business cards IF they have the proper technology to capture the level 3 data as well as the correct rate structure.

If your paying the same rate for Visa and MasterCard, see Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified on your statement you should consult with an experienced level 3 payment processor.  Your account is not set up to receive 100% of the benefits of sending Level 3 data.

Revolution payment systems provides a FREE cost/benefit analysis for merchants showing the benefits and savings of implementing level 3 processing.

If saving 30% of more on your Business to Business and Business to Government transactions would have an impact on your business I encourage you to give us a call.

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