How to get level 3 processing

How to get level 3 processing?  Any merchant can qualify for level 3 processing.  Whether or not you receive  100% of the benefits and savings for processing level 3 data depends on several factors.

Keep in mind, setting up a level 3 merchant account is much different than setting up a standard retail merchant account.    It requires special knowledge and proper technology to process level-3.

Most sales professionals are NOT trained on level 3 and why its suggested to work with an experienced level 3 payment professional.  Whether or not you lose money on your commercial, purchasing and GSA transactions is dependent on whether or not your account is set up properly.

So many merchants only focus on rate when choosing a merchant service provider. One of the 1st things a merchant will ask me is “whats your rate” or we just had our rates reviewed, our bank is doing our processing, no one can beat our rate etc.  The list goes on.

People that say this have been trained by sales people who do little more than sell on rate.  No matter your processor or what your rate is, Interchange or cost is the same.  This is regulated by Visa and MasterCard NOT Your processor.

Visa and MasterCard have DIFFERENT rates for commercial and purchasing cards when level 3 line item detail is provided.  If your thinking about getting set up for level 3 or you accept business transactions from your clients and your processor hasn’t talked to you about level3 or even if they have. It pays to get a second opinion from an experienced level 3 payment professional.  You have nothing to lose for getting a second opinion.

If you have questions about level 3 or would like a FREE apples to apples comparison email us at [email protected] or fax your last months statement to (877)901-3181

You have nothing to lose and may learn some valuable information about your business.


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