Commercial Card Optimization

Automated Commercial Card Optimization

Take advantage of Level II and Level III processing to reduce costs.


Many businesses are unknowingly leaving money table and don’t even realize it. The fees for accepting credit cards are a big part of doing business however, there are programs that existing to help reduce these interchange fees.

There are hundreds of interchange rates that vary depending on the type of card, size of the ticket, industry, MCC codes, along with other factors. While each interchange level has fixed costs that are predetermined by the card brands, many transactions are eligible to qualify at lower interchange tiers.

Most businesses collet level I data, which includes basic payment information.

  • Merchant name
  • transaction amount and transaction date.
  • Transaction Date.

Level I data carries higher interchange fees.

By taking advantage of Level II and Level III processing through our automated commercial optimization program, transactions will clear at the lowest possible interchange rate. Additional data is collected to reduce the risk associated with each transaction. The Level II and Level III enhanced data captures more in-depth information, usable by the card brands and issuers.

This in turn significantly reduces your interchange cost. You can expect to save roughly 1%-1.5% depending on the type of card and size of ticket.

Providing Level II and Level 3 detail can be a challenge for businesses for a few reasons.

  • Terminal or device is not capable of capturing level 3 detail
  • Not reliably collecting the required line item detail
  • Working with a processor who does not support Level II and Level III processing, or has you set up in a way, so transactions are not clearing in the most economical manner.

Unleash Hidden Savings With Revolution Payments Interchange Optimization Solution
Our commercial card optimization program populates the necessary data for your business. If you are interested in seeing how much this service would save your company, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 888 790 3450 or email info@

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