Epicor Level III Credit Card Processing

Streamline your workflow and reduce the interchange cost of accepting commercial cards by up to 1.5% with Revolution Payments Epicor Level 3 credit card processing solution.

This solution operates effectively within Epicor. Integrating credit card processing activities into your accounting system.
Improve workflow, save time, improve visibility and reduce your double entry. Streamline & simplify your payment processing while reducing interchange fees that you pay for accepting commercial, business, fleet, purchase and government cards. Our optimization service runs behind the scenes and optimizes every transaction to the lowest possible interchange rate.

The Level III Payment Processing Solution
Epicor Level III credit card processing can reduce the “interchange” cost of accepting commercial cards by 1%-1.5%. Remember up to 90% of your fees for accepting credit cards (interchange) is collected and paid to the card issuing banks, not to your processor. When you accept commercial, B2B cards without level II/Level III detail, you are losing up to 1.5% of potential revenue, you cannot get from a processor.

Including level III payment detail  through Epicor is a great way to increase your profit margins, on your existing sales volume.

The Revolution Payments Epicor solution automatically Level II and Level III detail to qualifying transactions. Lowering your interchange cost before the transaction reaches a processor.

Supported versions

  • Epicor ERP 10
  • Epicor 9
  • Avante
  • ManFact
  • DataFlo
  • Vantage
  • Manage 2000

Have questions about Epicor Level III credit card processing, or interested in a no obligation honest review. Give us a call or upload a recent statement on our level 3 page.

888 790 3450 or info@ revolution-payments.com



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