GSA Industrial Funding Fees in Quickbooks

Do you need Track GSA Industrial Funding Fees (level-3) in Quickbooks. If your selling to the government and using quickbooks revolution payment systems can assist in tracking GSA industrial funding fees while helping you reduce your merchant service fees.

Revolution payment systems supports level 3 processing through quickbooks. This will reduce your fees by 20-30%.  Most people  using quickbooks are set up on a tiered pricing structure which is causing GSA cards to downgrade to non qualified. G

government agencies are strongly encouraged to take into consideration whether a company can provide Level-3 line item detail when they select a supplier. Get ahead of the curve before GSA mandates. Save 20-30% and look more appealing to government buyers. Processing GSA SmartPay cards requires a more sophisticated technology platform to capture line item detail (Level-3 Data). Level 3 data will allow the GSA SmartPay card to meet the Visa and MasterCard Interchange requirements and get lower rates associated with government purchasing cards.

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