GSA Purchasing Card Large Ticket

If you sell to the government and work with a level 3 payments provider like Revolution Payments,  your company can take advantage of the GSA Purchasing Card Large Ticket interchange rates.


Not Eligible: High Risk Direct Marketing (MCC 5962, 5966, 5967) or Travel and Entertainment – Restaurants (MCC 5812, 5814), Hotels (MCC 3519-3828, 7011), Car Rentals (MCC 3351-3518, 7512), Passenger Transport (MCC 3000-3299, 4511, 4112), Cruise Lines (MCC 4411), and Travel Agents (MCC 4722).
• GSA Purchasing Card



  • Transaction must be greater than $5,984.61
  • Pass Level II and Level III Data
  • Must be CPS qualified7 for CPS/Retail, CPS/Retail Key Entry, CPS/Retail Service Station, CPS/Card Not Present, CPS/E-Commerce Basic or CPS/E-Commerce Preferred.


Interchange for Purchase Card Large Ticket is 1.20% + $39.00
To discuss level 3 processor or the  GSA Large Ticket program Revolution Payments a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@

PS. The rates and requirements shown are for Visa only.  MasterCard has different requirements and rates for GSA large tickets.

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