What is Level 3 line item data

Level 3 processing and sending line item detail is an advanced method of processing commercial, purchasing,  fleet and government credit cards.  It involves sending additional fields of data through the processing network.  This is up to 12 fields of additional information, much like you would find on an invoice.


With the additional data a business can monitor what kind of purchases are made on a company card, where, how much etc. It can also include restrictions, limiting the types of businesses an employee can make purchases.   Visa and MasterCard created special rates to support Level 3 data by reducing the transaction cost when level 3 processing data is included with the transaction. This often lowers the transaction cost by up to 40%.
Your clients dont need to request you send level 3 line item detail to qualify for the reduced transaction cost.  If level 3 data is present and your merchant account is set up properly, you to can qualify for level 3 interchange. Level 3 allows you to capture additional revenue that will otherwise go to the card issuing bank. Commercial cards have tiered interchange and the only way to qualify for level 2 or level 3 interchange rates is if level 3 data is passed with the transaction.


Questions about level 3 or to take advantage of our no obligation level 3 audit give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@ revolution-payments.com


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