Instantly Reduce Transaction cost on Purchasing Cards by up to 40% by sending level 3 detail

Sending level 3 line item detail on your commercial, fleet, business (MC), purchasing and government cards can reduce your transaction cost by up to 40%…..Instantly!

Cost Savings-Visa and MasterCard created special interchange rates to support level 3 processing by reducing a merchants transaction cost if Level 3 line item data was captured and included with the payment transaction.  The special rates were intended to be an incentive to pass level 3 detail yet probably 3 out of 5 business have not been set up to process these transactions properly.


IF a merchant is set up properly allows them to reduce transaction cost by up to 1.5% when compared to non level 3 processing.  This is savings up and above what a credit card processor can do by just lowering your rate. Processing Level 3 lowers interchange and allows you to capture revenue that will otherwise go back to the card issuing bank.


To learn more about level 3 processing or if you have questions give us a call at 888 790 3450 or email info@


To take advantage of our No Obligation level 3 Processing Audit, fax your last months processing statement to 877.901.3181 Attn: Level 3 Audit


PS. We support Level 3 processing through Quickbooks, Magento and have a solution for users.





Cost savings for the Supplier – MasterCard and Visa have created special rates to support purchase card programs by reducing the supplier’s transaction costs if Level III line item detail is captured and transmitted with the financial settlement. These special rates are intended to be an incentive to pass Level III, which in turn will assist buyers in managing their purchase card programs. Level III processing can lower the supplier’s discount rate by as much as 1.0% – 1.5% when compared to non-Level III processing, and depending upon the card type and the size of the  transaction.

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