How to capture Level II and III line item detail on commercial cards

How to capture Level II and III line item detail on commercial cards

Commercial, purchasing and government cards generally carry higher interchange rates.  This is due to the features and capabilities they posse, other cards do not.

However, working with a specialized Level 3 payment consultant like Revolution Payment Systems can help you reduce the cost of transactions to less than what you would generally pay for other types of cards, especially if your keying transactions in.

Level 3 line item detail does require additional information entered at the time of the transaction.  Revolution Payment Systems has simplified the level 3 process, allowing merchants to qualify for the level 3 reduced interchange

levels without lifting a finger.
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PS.  The difference between a standard commercial transaction and one processed with level 3 line item detail can be as high as 1.50%  It doesn’t matter what your current rate is and and something we can explain.  Just note, that if your selling to the government and or other businesses and not processing level 3 payment  information, your company is losing up to 40% of additional revenue that has Nothing To Do with your processor or current rate.


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