Revolution Payment Systems, Leading the way when it comes to Level-3 Line item detail

Revolution Payment Systems, Leading the way when it comes to Level-3 Line item detail

Many business owners who sell to other businesses and or government process these transactions no different than any other transaction they accept

This is costing you additional revenue that should be going to your bottom line.

On the surface, a Commercial and Purchase look like a typical   credit card, but possesses more features, controls and capabilities.

They Can Be Set Up To Control

•   Daily Spend

•   Number of monthly transactions

•   Monthly Spending

•   Amount allowed per transaction 

•   Daily Transactions

•   Where the card can be used (Industry Type)


These cards can also be processed with Level-3 Line Item Detail.  Level-3 detail defines what’s being purchased and includes this with the credit card transaction.

Commercial Cards were created with tiered interchange rates to encourage GSA government vendors to pass level 3 detail which in turns lowers cost often by 40% or more.100% of interchange goes back to the bank that issued the credit card and remains the same regardless of the processor you choose.  Level 3 allows you to capture additional revue  this is and will otherwise go back to the card issuing bank.

Level-3 requires different technology and a sales professional who understands Level 3 Processing.  Because a merchant sends level 3 processing detail Does Not mean you automatically receive Level 3 rates.


Revolution Payment Systems has the ability to pass level 3 line item detail on your behalf without changing the way you do business.  We can also support Level 3 detail with Quickbooks, Magento, Mobile, Swiped and have a solution for merchants using and shopkeep.

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Accepting Government Purchase Cards and require level 3?


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